Why oh why did they choose swimming ..

Why, oh why did we encourage swimming,

When athletic abilities were starting to show,

They could have chosen running or gymnastics,

Why we stuck with swimming, I’ll never really know..!

For our life outside it is limited,

In fact you can say it’s dead…

As every day in the pool is a must,

With those 4am starts out of bed 😧💤

It’s really not for the faint hearted!

Grit and determination is key !

Focused and driven key traits to possess,

But not just the swimmer – the whole family!!

The early morning’s are a killer,

Clock watching through most of the night,

Making sure they get to the pool on time,

And us parents looking an awful fright😂💤

So why did we encourage swimming,

When their ability was starting to show?

It’s because they LOVE it and LEARN GREAT skills😘,

So don’t regret their swimming.. just watch them grow😘