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Team outing. That Book

So Feb 2020, a team night out

Belated Xmas meal, we won’t go without,

Secret Santa’s bought and ready to share

Oh how exciting …we open and compare!

Three mugs and aftershave, jewellery too,

Presents unwrapped, we were quickly getting through.

Sweets and chocolates, many a mood to lift,

Then final present opened – oh what a gift!

Knowing that poetry is a love of mine

There was a book of poems! How divine!

I opened at a page, eager to read,

But my eyes opened wide, I couldn’t believe..

‘Insecurity over Ageing’ stood out on the page,

I looked around, with mild refrain,

Turning a page, I couldn’t help anticipate ..

But shocked to see ‘Agonising over weight..’😳

Nervous laugh ensued as I took a ‘deep dive’

To see what other little gems I could find.

The giver was blushing (and rightly so)

As I read out the topics – see pic below..

He’d obviously bought it, based on something I adore,

How insightful and thoughtful, couldn’t ask for more.

But he was clearly mortified, as he’d not read the themes!

And the book then provided much laughter in reams…

As I decided to share and read a poem out loud,

Desperately trying not to attract a crowd,

But the lure of ‘The Orange’ was just so appealing

While the giver was sitting looking up at the ceiling.

So this book was actually a gift well intended,

And I really, REALLY wasn’t offended,

The evening table talk, had taken a humorous turn,

And the book I’m sure, of the craft helps me learn 😉


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