Look up..

Look up from your phone,

What can you see?

Look up, look up,

See your family!

Look up from your phone,

Your neck must be sore!

Look up, look up,

You’re becoming a bore!

Look up from your phone,

There’s a whole world out there!

Look up, look up,

Don’t say you don’t care..

Look up from your phone

You have your whole life ahead,

Look up, look up,

And choose the steps that you’ll tread.

Look up from your phone,

Life is passing you by,

Look up, look up,

Don’t say I didn’t try!

Look up from your phone,

And see all the beauty around

The real life that exists..

Just listen to the sounds !

It’s amazing and it’s here!

Right in front of your eyes!

Look up and live in the present!

Let go of your phone and its ties !


Garden oasis

Sitting in the garden
Relaxed and calm;
Glass of wine
And a breezy balm
The tinkle of water
From next door’s pond;
Sun shining, of which
I’m VERY fond.
Love the sun
Hope it stays a while
A great job it does;
Makes everyone smile. 

A message to all our swimmers!

A message to all our swimmers,

From us Officials all in white,

We’re really not that bad you know,

We just have to do what’s right.

Mostly, we’re just PARENTS,

Who want to see all Swim well,

We hate spotting a DQ!

As the Referee we must tell.

Here are just a few of the things,

That fill us Officials with DREAD,

Especially for younger swimmers,

Who, close to the mark sometimes tread.

Backstroke can cause a classic mistake,

Of turning far too EARLY.

Our hearts will sink if arms stay still,

DQ triggered : soooo unlucky.

Breaststroke also tests our nerve,

As we watch for a touch with both hands,

Sometimes it’s also hard to see,

If a SIMULTANEOUS touch lands…

RELAYS can be ultra stressful,

With takeovers being on show,

The swimmers have to touch the wall,

Before the next swimmer goes.

As the Swimmer gets older,

Their mistakes get fewer by far,

We know a DQ is frustrating,

As they set themselves a very high bar.

BUT IT’s all part of LEARNING!

From every mistake they’ve made,

And a better swimmer they will be,


SO. We’re really not that bad you know,

We only do what’s right,

We really enjoy the swimming

(But NOT the dressing in white 😂).

Why oh why did they choose swimming ..

Why, oh why did we encourage swimming,

When athletic abilities were starting to show,

They could have chosen running or gymnastics,

Why we stuck with swimming, I’ll never really know..!

For our life outside it is limited,

In fact you can say it’s dead…

As every day in the pool is a must,

With those 4am starts out of bed 😧💤

It’s really not for the faint hearted!

Grit and determination is key !

Focused and driven key traits to possess,

But not just the swimmer – the whole family!!

The early morning’s are a killer,

Clock watching through most of the night,

Making sure they get to the pool on time,

And us parents looking an awful fright😂💤

So why did we encourage swimming,

When their ability was starting to show?

It’s because they LOVE it and LEARN GREAT skills😘,

So don’t regret their swimming.. just watch them grow😘